Exclusive Italian Style


Cantieri Magazzù is a modern company of naval design and construction.

The boatyard was founded over 50 years ago by Prof. Alfredo Magazzù who designed the Alicudi motorsailer in the 60s and which sold over 140 units.

Some of the group’s main achievements in the 80s/90s included the patent and concept of the “Monostab” (a 36-meter powerboat with a passenger capacity of 350 people and a top speed of 35 knots, stabilized by a special foil system) built at the Rodriquez shipyard; the concept of a 21-meter motor-powered yacht for the Baglietto shipyard; and the ultimate concept of “Surfing TRIS 75”, a 75-meter fast ferry designed to carry 600 passengers and 150 cars at 50 knots.

The boatyard also worked on the research and development of a new model of seaplane, in the field of aeronautics, in collaboration with Aeritalia and Dornier.


If we were to close our eyes and trace the ideal lines of a Maxi RIB in our mind, the result would undoubtedly be a Magazzù boat.

Boasting unparalleled building experience, the boatyard produces unique pieces of naval art where attention to detail is surpassed only by the attention given to the customer’s needs.

Innovation runs thick through the veins of these boats, which are bought for their unquestionable beauty, but immediately loved for their outstanding seaworthiness.


Numerous patents both in Italy and abroad have been issued over a period of almost 40 years to the Magazzù Group, in the field of innovative and fast naval crafts as well as for applications in other industrial sectors.

After the first patent filed in 1963 by Prof. Alfredo Magazzù, for an aerodynamically stabilised planing craft, many others followed; these included the Monostab – (Monoscafo stabilizzato) a monohull stabilised by means of a foil system – built by the Rodriquez Shipyard at the end of the ’80s in a 36m version and designed by the Magazzù Group, to carry 350 passengers at a speed of 35 knots.

This, like other later patents, was issued not only in Italy but in numerous other countries such as the USA, European States, New Zealand, former U.S.S.R, etc.